a friend in need
a friend in need is a friend indeed
Minako has a lot of friends, the most obvious being her fellow senshi. So how does she feel about them? Take a peek below and find out.
she was so pretty Sailor Moon: Tsukino Usagi
Usagi is probably one of Minako's closest friends in both the anime and the manga. She and Minako act similarly, look similar, and like the same things. But Usagi has her other friends, and quite often confides in the other Senshi rather than Minako. She does however watch over Mina-chan, and worries about her a lot, and it's evident anytime Sailor Venus *dies* or Minako gets depressed. Minako in return worries and watches over Usagi like a sister, not just a guard. She worries that the princess will be angry that she was deceived, and when Usagi is depressed, Minako wants to cheer her up immediately. A true friendship any way you look at it. ^_^

why did she crawl down? Sailor Mercury:Mizuno Ami
Ami is not one of Minako's closest friends in terms of confiding and worrying. Ami is like Minako's older sister, the smart, pretty one who is rather shy and needs her little sister to bring her out of her shell. Which is exactly what Minako tries to do. Minako in turn gets some tips on studying (not that she *uses* them, but still...) and learns to be more responsible. Ami is a good friend, just not one of her *best* friends.


just having thoughts of marianne Sailor Mars: Hino Rei
Ahhh, Rei. Rei is one of Minako's best friends in the anime, as well as her best friend in the Manga. I say this because Usagi spends a lot of time with Mamoru, thus leaving her other friends to bond. And that they do! Minako and Rei have much in common. Both go to a school other than Juuban Junior High, both are exceptionally beautiful, and both have an aura of sadness. Rei channels her sadness into being practically perfect, while Minako channels hers into making other people feel better. Minako has a temper, and we all know Rei does too. ^_- Besides, these two just compliment each other so well. It's like the whole Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge kind of deal. Well, sort of. But anyway, these two are best friends in the manga and I love that. Everyone needs a best friend, and Rei is good for Minako. Keeps her focussed, and Minako lightens Rei-chan up.

makoto.. isn't she pretty? Sailor Jupiter: Kino Makoto
Mako-chan! The cook, the love expert, and Mina-chan's best friend in the anime. This might be because Usagi is always with Mamoru or she's got other friends, Ami is studying, Rei is busy, and that leaves these two girls to hang out. PLUS, they are both boy craaazzzzzyyy. Mako is a wonderful cook, and a kind hearted girl, if not a little heavy on the overreacting. Mako is like the mother of the group, she takes care of the others, due in part to her own family's death, and the fact she *needs* the other girls. Minako senses a soul who needs something to keep her cheerful, and thus a friendship is born. Makoto is a wonderful person, and her friendship with Minako is sure to improve more than Minako's cooking.


Sailor Chibi-Moon:Tsukino Usagi (Chibi)
Chibi-Usa is the future daughter of one of her best friends, so of course Minako is going to develop a special fondness for such a girl. Chibi-Usa can be sweet, is adorable, and needs someone to keep her from killing Usagi. Enter the Senshi. Minako becomes one of Chibi-Usa's "older sisters." Minako obviously loves this little holy terror very much, and this shows in how she'll be standing over little Chibi-Usa trying to keep her safe, fretting about her, the usual. Chibi-Usa in turn loves Minako and looks up to her. It's a big sister/little sister friendship.


Sailor Saturn:Tomoe Hotaru
Hotaru is harder to find a friendship for because she's so rarely shown, and when she is she's in the company of either the Outer Senshi or Chibi-Usa. Based on the latter fact, I'm sure Minako has a fondness for the pale senshi and worries for her safety as well. But as for friends, Minako and Hotaru don't seem very close, but given time I'm sure they would make great "sisters" much like Rei and Minako. ^_^


Sailor Neptune:Kaiou Michiru
Michi! The true lady of the Outer Senshi. (Followed closely by Setsuna) Michiru has what all the Inner Senshi would like to possess. A certain femininity, the aura of a Queen, and the beauty as well as talent to get through life. Michiru is a wonderful role model for Minako. She does have fun, she's kind, caring and dedicated. She balances the life of a "normal" girl and Senshi better than all the other Senshi combined. She also believed in the Inner Senshi from the beginning, unlike Haruka. Michiru tends to keep to the Outer Senshi though, which prevents Minako from learning more from this elegant lady. *sigh* Oh well. Another older sister/little sister friendship, and maybe one of Minako's idols!

Sailor Uranus: Tenou Haruka
Haruka, one of Minako's many... crushes. Yup, we know that poor Minako had a crush on Haruka when Minako thought Haruka was a man. Poor Mina, barking up the wrong tree. Haruka and Minako have a little in common, what with both being the leaders of their Senshi. Haruka represents unquestioned leadership, even though Michiru often seems to have a hand in the strategy of their attacks and such. Haruka is also brash and a little hot headed at times and needs Michiru to counteract her actions, while Minako tends to keep her head when she's leading her Senshi. Haruka has many things to teach young Minako, and looks out for her because if Minako is killed, then who will protect the Princess? Besides, Minako has to have won Haruka over.

Sailor Pluto: Meiou Setsuna
Setsuna is hard to decide if Minako is actually friends with, or if I just wish she was. Setsuna has a sense of humor, yes, but since she has to guard the Time Gate, it's kind of hard to have that much of one. Setsuna looks a bit like Minako, what with the long hair, the hair partly pulled back (while Minako lacks the bun) and the sadness in her eyes. But Setsuna is darker, more broody than Minako, or even Rei, so Minako might find her a bit intimidating, plus, when Setsuna shows up, something has to have happened. But as time wore on, Setsuna seemed to have relaxed a bit. Minako probably regards Setsuna as a friend who needs some cheering up, and thus a true friendship can't be too far behind.

Luna is Usagi's guardian cat and thus is a lot closer to Usagi than she is to Minako. Plus, she's taken a liking to Ami as well. Minako however is Artemis' charge, and the fact that Minako isn't a crybaby, and does have some maturity probably appeals greatly to Luna. It's like a marriage of sorts between Artemis and Luna, meaning that Luna can scold Minako as well. But she's usually too busy with Usagi, Ami, and Artemis to really notice Minako. Alas..

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